Delivery Information

Please read below shipping instructions carefully before contacting us or the shipping provider!


Shipping is charged by weight at approximately $AUD 6/kg (China) and shipping cost has been calculated into the final sale price. No further shipping costs will be applicable at the checkout.


In order to reduce processing times at customs we can only ship a maximum of 6 different product lines with a maximum of 6 items per line per parcel. Should you choose to purchase more items than that or exceed the 5kg parcel limit, we will split your order into several packages. As our shipping is charged purely by weight there will be no additional charges for you.

Orders that require several parcels will be shipped out staggered over consecutive flights to reduce the likelihood of customs charges. This means that you might receive your order over several days with a timely delay, depending on the order volume. Most of our shipments however do arrive within 8-10 days after leaving our pharmacy.


After processing your order we will contact you by email with a tracking number and further instructions. A copy of your identification will need to be uploaded to our shipping provider’s website within one day of ordering to ensure fast delivery and processing times. Please be advised that it may take 3-4 days for your order to be visible through the shipping company’s tracking system.

For peace of mind we will insure all your orders against possible loss of your parcel. Although we pack all items carefully and securely, we can however not guarantee that the orders will arrive undamaged and complete.

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